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A deep and strategic knowledge of the market has allowed us to choose highly selected products scripted and factual suitable for the publishing lines of our clients building a strong partnership with all TV Stations.

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ADR DISTRIBUTION collaborates with production and distribution leadering worldwide companies, working as their exclusive Sales Agent in Italy.

SPIEGEL TV creates thematically oriented television contributions for numerous private TV, it produces various TV formats and about 1000 TV minutes per week.

Silverlining is proud to represent award-winning production companies with a track record of making high-quality science, history, wildlife, populist factual, human interest and fast-turnaround documentaries.

Magnify Media is a specialist television distribution company representing worldwide third parties, including sole rights to the Plimsoll Productions catalogue.

Big Bad Boo Productions is a premier animation company with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

BWO Marketing Service GmbH forms part of a corporate group of companies - ITSO IT solutions GmbH, SGM Solutions & Global Media GmbH and BWO Marketing Service GmbH.

TOOT TOOT currently constitutes one of the largest fully-fledged studios in Europe with a distribution arm that manages its TV, video and merchandising rights portfolio. The company was chosen as one of the top 10 international animation studios outside the United States by Animation Magazine.

Imagicomm Entertainment is a distributor company with a growing library of diverse films and television series. From action and adventure to drama and holiday fare, each project shows our commitment to strong storytelling, memorable characters, and high production values.

Canal Futura is a social project of communication of public interest accomplished through partnerships with the private initiative and the non-profit sector.

ROME REPORTS analyses social problems of global interest, human development and emerging trends. Daily news on the Pope, Vatican and religion.

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